About Us

Who we are
Like most of you, we’re golfers. Though you won’t mistake us for professionals, we do enjoy getting on the golf course whenever we can. And, also like you, we spend time looking for ways to contribute to worthy community causes. GolfTourneys.com combines our love for golf with our passion for the community, and we hope the site makes it easier for you to do so as well.

We’ve played in and hosted our fair share of golf events. Fundraisers, invitationals, father-sons…you name it and we’ve played in it. We’re also busy and we’re looking for convenient ways to do just about anything quickly and efficiently. That is why we created GolfTourneys.com.

What is GolfTourneys.com?
We created GolfTourneys.com to simplify the difficult task of finding, registering for and hosting golf events.

With our search function, finding tournaments has never been this easy. You are able to search for location, event type or date. It’s so easy, we hope you consider playing a golf tournament as an alternative to a regular 18-hole round.

Registering for most golf tournaments can be done right here. You no longer have to wait in line the day of the event. You can even easily share event information with interested golf buddies and prospective teammates.

We take much of the hassle out of hosting tournaments so you can focus on your sponsors and participants. GolfTourneys.com will assist you with everything from marketing your event to reporting your tournament’s financial success.

Contact Us
Whether you are playing in or hosting a tournament, we want to take away the hassle and make your golfing experience more enjoyable. Please contact us anytime with your questions and feedback.