Posting Tips

Before you begin, take a moment to review the tournament posting process and consider some tips that we hope will enhance your online tournament description.


  • Complete all required fields fully and accurately, then click the PREVIEW button to review your tournament page. Click SAVE after reviewing the page.
  • Your information will be reviewed by and the tournament will be released for public view within 48 hours. You will be contacted by a representative to clarify or revise your posting, if necessary.


  • When posting a tournament, remember that you must select the Par or Birdie option. Please review this page for more information about the features and costs of each option.
  • The Tournament Description provides the best place to describe why your tournament is special and why interested golfers should participate. Consider the following ideas when deciding what to include in your description:
    • Information about tournament format and history
    • A profile of the charity that will receive proceeds and a description of why you selected that charity
    • A description of the hosting golf course
    • Recognition of your tournament sponsors
  • Double check all dates, times, and locations for accuracy.

You can edit your posting, as needed, after initial publication. Even so, you should consider reviewing all messaging with your charity, venue and sponsors before submitting to for posting.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us anytime.